Do you find that your memory is slipping? Or, you may be concerned with mental health or Alzheimer’s disease that has made it way into your family’s genetics. Whatever your reasoning for eating healthy, there are foods that specifically target healthy brain power. They are going to build up memories keep your brain strong, while helping to keep the rest of your body strong in the process.

Boost your brain health with these 10 delicious and healthy food choices

One of the best brain foods to eat is fish

Within most raw fish—salmon, herring, white fish—there are what’s called omega-3 fatty acids. These are considered to be a good fat, that work as a super-ailment for your body. In terms of mental health, depression often can be lifted by foods high in omega-3s. It seems to reduce the dependency on anti-represents used to treat bipolar or other mental illnesses. In addition, fish oil has been proven to help reduce Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, reserving a person’s memories at any point throughout their life. Other types of fish that have omega-3s are tuna, sardines or mackerel.

Blueberries are another food to eat for mental health

Within blueberries there is a host of vitamins of minerals and vitamins that include magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, and all the B vitamins. Vitamin C can also be found in blueberries. These all work together to keep your brain healthy, restoring your memories and protecting your brain cells from outside illnesses that impact memories. Blueberries also work to heal brain cells once they have been damaged, sharpening memories so that they are sharp rather than cloudy. Blueberries are delicious in salads, smoothies or even oatmeal.

Tomatoes should be on your radar

These juicy, red fruits contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which is 4 milligrams per every 10 grams of tomato paste. If brain cells have been damaged, either by smoking, cancer or anything else, lycopene will help restore your brain cells and build them stronger. Tomatoes also help with a person’s memory and problem-solving skills. It helps the consumer regain their focus, develop sharper logic skills and have a denser concentration. There are several ways to eat tomatoes, such as in salads or in soups.

Broccoli is one of the best superfoods out there

This green, leafy vegetable targets better heart health, cancer prevention and a stronger immune system. Boosting brain power is also within its superpowers. If you have depression, or it runs in your family, eating broccoli will help reduce its symptoms. Fatigue and poor memory will be something of the past. It has also been shown to reduce sadness. Broccoli is much better cooked rather than raw, but if you eat it raw, dip it in a healthy sauce. It’s going to help it appear less dry.

Pumpkin seeds are outstanding

These are considered to be an omega-3 food which means they promote strong mental health. Within pumpkin seeds, too, is a high amount of magnesium. This helps a person calm down much faster when they are stressed. Not only does it help your brain, however; it also is considered to be a fat-burning food. Eat this healthy snack after a workout or to just give you an energy source throughout the day. Pumpkin seeds also boosts your immune system. They are a cancer fighting food, while promoting good heart health.

Eggs are beneficial for your brain

Eggs have a wide variety of B12 vitamins which help to improve a person’s mood and make them happier. This is the one of the best foods a person can eat to promote excellent mental health. Not only do eggs strengthen your memories, but they have shown to increase a person’s concentration and focus. As a person ages, they are less inclined in encounter brain-related illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimers or dementia. One of the best ways to eat eggs is hard-boiled with a pinch of salt, but there are endless ways to enjoy this superfood.

Don’t stay away from lentils

This food is a powerful superfood for our body. It’s a cancer fighter and helps to promote a healthy weight loss. Lentils also work towards a healthy heart, diabetes prevention, a healthy nervous system and strong brain power. If Alzheimers runs in your family, you want to include lentils in your diet. Memories and concentration are going to appear less foggy the more you include lentils in your diet. Enjoy them in soups, salads or dips.

Avocados are a healthy brain food

Most people consider this fruit to be fatty, but it’s as powerful as blueberries when its superpowers are compared. This fruit contributes to a healthy blood flow, which keeps your heart pumping blood without clotting. That’s a win-win. It puts a person at a much lower risk of hypertension and decreases their chances of encountering memory loss. Concentration and long-term memories are not going anywhere. There are various ways to enjoy avocados, one of the most popular being guacamole.

Dark chocolate has proven to be a healthy brain food

It’s been shown that chocolate is full of flavonols that work as antioxidants within the body. These help to keep a person’s blood pressure low while keeping the blood flowing freely to their heart and brain. Try only to eat chocolate that has 70 percent cocoa. This is the only chocolate that really benefits the brain. This is your best bet to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss. And, eat it in moderation. Only a few squares a day are recommended. This is a good rule of thumb to increase concentration, stronger memories and healing damaged brain cells.

Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated

When a person keeps their body hydrated, their body functions as it should. They concentrate better and their memories are much stronger. Their organs function better, while their heart pumps blood more freely. But, when people are not hydrated, it’s just the opposite. The tissues in our brains shrink, making it harder to remember memories or simple tasks. It’s harder to concentrate and it’s harder to make decisions. Likewise, it puts the rest of your body at risk. Food is harder to digest and your heart has to work harder to pump out blood.

Take advantage of these powerful superfoods

They’re going to help your body (and brain!) become much stronger. Overtime, your brain is going to reap the benefits. Your memories will be sharper and much sharper. You’ll find yourself remembering something that you might’ve forgotten. Integrate all these foods into your diet and you’ll find that you’re leaving a healthy life much sooner than later.

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