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Are you tired of anger being a controlling force in your life? Do you often wish you possessed the communication tools to express your anger in an effective and healthy manner? Our Done With Anger One-Day Intensive Anger Management Class can help you break free of controlling anger and teach you assertive communication skills to get you needs met with denying the needs of others. Best of all, our court accepted anger management classes in Winnipeg are available every weekend.

The “Done With Anger” class is designed to help people who struggle with anger issues, take back control of their lives. Our Winnipeg anger management class will help you identify the source of your anger, its triggers, and then we will demonstrate ways to communicate assertively, and not aggressively. These communication skills will go a long way to helping you appropriately deal with situations that would have otherwise caused a destructive outburst of anger.

Anger can overpower relationships, and if you have damaged a relationship with a loved one, friend or co-worker, it's extremely important that you consider seeking help anger management in Winnipeg.

Anger management classes are not only for those with a court order to attend. People from all walks of life seeking personal or professional development regularly attend our classes. Furthermore, if you feel that you do not have an anger problem, but live or work with someone who does, the Done With Anger” class will demonstrate strategies to effectively deal with them. This anger management class is essential for those looking to support a loved one with uncontrollable anger

"Anger Management Counselling will make a real difference for you in your life. It will empower you to deal with your own anger issues and it will give you the tools you need to support friends and families in your life who also struggle with anger issues."
One Day CAN make a real difference in your life! The information you will receive will help you start on a path to real change. This class can be a life-changing event. Our promise to you is by attending and actively participating in this course, you will have access to the tools you need to create a dynamic, effective and long lasting change in your life and your relationships.

The “Done With Anger” class curriculum in Winnipeg was developed by our Director and Registered Psychotherapist, Clarence Baptiste, a renowned anger expert with more than 25 years experience in the field of anger management, to combat anger issues head on. Our flexible anger management classes provide a welcoming and safe environment to discuss challenges you may be confronting. We invite you to see your participation in our anger management class as a pivotal moment and a transforming opportunity.

The Done With Anger Intensive Anger Management Class program is a one-day anger management class that shows you how to handle certain situations. It will educate as well on how to keep your emotions and feelings on an acceptable level. You can discover proven tips which will help you gain control over your anger and maintain the calm irrespective of the circumstances that life throws at you.

If you were ordered by the court to attend an anger management class, or have been given a compulsory order by an employer, partner, spouse, friends, or you are just tired of not having control of your emotions and putting your relationship with loved ones at risk, enrolling in a qualified anger management class is essential.

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Whether you are motivated by a willingness to change or you need to satisfy a court or employment order to attend anger management, we have the classes and counselling to help you. Call us today at 1-866-466-2643 for more information and to register for a class. When you call, you will speak to a friendly and caring intake support specialist who will address your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Don’t wait another in anger, take the first pivotal to step and contact us now to begin your journey on the path to being done with anger as a dominating and controlling force in your life…..forever!!

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