I conduct my Anger Management Counselling based on my philosophy of practical teachings. It is my conviction that people can learn Anger Management principles. Therefore, I teach what anger is and where anger comes from, how it builds up and how to put an end to its vicious, endless cycle. Most people are not aware what anger is, so when they come to counselling and reach that “aha moment” and learn its nature and cause, they become very excited and happy. When my clients are happy I have found that they pick things up quicker and the learning becomes much easier. With this in mind, my strategy when teaching Anger Management is to create an atmosphere of calm, relaxation and happiness. Whether it be in one-on-one counselling or an Anger Management class, my clients feel very relaxed, with a great sense of optimism about their life and future, giving hope and reassurance to all.

The individuals that come to both one-on-one counselling or our Intensive Anger Management Classes often feel down, stressed and are wanting help to cope with their anger issues. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DO! I give them reasons to be strong in spite of their feelings. When my Anger Management class participants sit down, feel comfortable and tell us what has brought them to Anger Management, most shed tears because they have experienced something that was not so pleasant. However, I help them become encouraged, as I show them that failures are not final, but are a finding ground, because when you feel down and out, flat on the ground, there is no way but up. In essence, I show them how to think positively and rise up above all. Generally, by the end of our sessions and classes, our clients confess it is as if something magic has taken place, they have found the answers they were looking for and leave our centre very happy as they go out to lead their lives productively.

If you are asking yourself whether you should attend Anger Management, give us a call and check us out! When it comes to Anger Management, I believe I have developed unique and effective Anger Management modules which address the needs of those struggling and looking for answers regarding their anger issues. See you at A1 Counselling Centre.