One of the things registered psychotherapist Clarence Baptiste always says is, every good and excellent thing stands moment by moment on the razors edge of danger and must be fought for. In the “Done With Anger” One-Day Intensive Anger Management Class we coach you to confront what you’re really fighting for.  And, I want to ask you that question right now. What are you fighting for in your life, in your relationship, at your work, and at your school?

Certainly, there is a place for fighting. But where is that place and what is it that you should be fighting for? Is it something good and excellent? Are you fighting for something of real value? Or are you fighting for something that is fleeting, empty and meaningless, with absolutely no value. How would you know anyway?

Those are great questions, aren’t they? Here’s how you would know. Consider this, before you were born you weren’t fighting and after you die you won’t be fighting. So, if you must fight in between those two dates, during the time when you do exist, why not make it something worth fighting for? If you really must fight, then fight for something of long lasting value. Fight for something that really makes a difference in society. And fight for something that will impact the world around you for the better.

So, what Is the best and most excellent thing that stands on the razors edge of danger and must be fought for? Well, most people fight for some version of the past that they cannot change. They engage in fights based on their hurt, shame and pain from the past. All this hurt exists beneath their anger and aggression. But, what if it’s the future, and your best self, that’s worth fighting for most? Since none of us can change the past it’s not worth fighting for. And since no one can change another person that fight would be foolish as well. The only thing worth fighting for is our own future and the very best self of our own humanity. In the “Done With Anger” One-Day Intensive Anger Management Class you get to discover all this for yourself.

Just imagine what may happen if you discovered you’ve been fighting the wrong enemy? You’ve lived for past events that are gone and cannot be changed. You’ve invested your energy into changing others when the only one you can change is you, yourself. Wouldn’t this be a big breakthrough for you? What exactly would that mean you ask? You would get control of your fights, your anger that fuels those fights and ultimately the hurts, shame and pain that exists beneath that anger.

And, just having access and control of your emotions can leave you feeling empowered and free. You can direct your energy and focus on solving problems that you can do something about. Finally, you can live the life you were born to live and intended to live simply because you have chosen to fight for the best and excellent things in life. To learn more about this visit our site at

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