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Everyone feels angry from time-to-time. Anger is perfectly natural and common emotion - and there is probably a good reason why you feel angry. What is important is not that the anger has occurred but how it is managed. There are anger management classes in Edmonton that can help you manage anger effectively and help you express it in a healthy way that helps your relationships, not hurt them.

A1 Counselling Centre's One Day "Done with Anger " Intensive Anger Management Class, scheduled weekly in Edmonton is designed to meet most court, legal and employment requirements. The class is also highly recommended if you are seeking personal growth. You can complete the class is a single day and receive a court accepted certificate and detailed letter of completion immediately following the class stating you have successfully completed the Anger Management Class.

A1 Counselling's Edmonton Anger Management

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Whether you have been court ordered, your lawyer has suggested, your employer has asked or you want to improve your relationships with family and friends, learning how to manage and express anger in a positive and effective way is a good thing to know. In our One-Day "Done with Anger" Intensive Anger Management Class held every weekend in Edmonton, you will be given several and practical tips to take back control of your life and control your anger forever!!

For more information and to register for a class, please call 1-866-466-2643.

You can speak to one of our intake support specialist, who will answer your questions and provide all the details you need on our anger management class programs. Our classes are kept small by design and, they fill fast, so don't delay, call us today! Make the investment in an Anger Management Class that you can change your life forever!

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