Men and women react differently to situations. The reasons why this happens are debatable; some people believe it is biological while others associate this difference to the way men and women are socialized. Women are always the more expressive of the two sexes simply because it is considered ‘unmanly’ for a man to act out his emotions as it is considered a sign of weakness.

Anger Management Approach Differences Between Men and Women

However, ironically for anger it is quite the opposite. For women it is not desirable for them to act out on their anger whereas it is totally acceptable for men to show it. Psychological studies show that it is because of the socialization process that it is considered ‘manly’ to show their anger whereas women showing anger is considered to be unfeminine act, something that doesn’t fit the image of a woman who is supposed to be calm and docile. However for both men and women, the anger they feel and express is far less as they mature.

Everyday Occurrences

Looking into how actually men and women react when angry, let’s look at some everyday instances. If a man is angry because of something at work, he will probably let it out by shouting at his superior, or have an argument with his wife or girlfriend. Or he will probably go out with his friends and blow off some steam. Bottom line, he will act out one way or another because constraining his anger will make him more unproductive. If a women is angry about something due to her work, she will most likely try to get a few minutes alone, practice some breathing exercises, try to calm herself and basically compartmentalize her anger and get on with her work because holding it in will not nearly constraint her as it does men. Another major difference is the duration of anger. Studies show that women stay angry longer than men, this is prossibly due to the fact that men express their anger in a more effective manner rather than keeping it inside, unlike women; they get over the situation quickly. Women however, do not have the same luxury to express out because of the social stigmas and so by keeping it inside they tend to stay angry for a longer period of time.

From this brief article, one can clearly see the impact of socialization and societal expectation on how men and women behave in different situations. Gender roles have been so ingrained in our species that even the expressing of different emotions needs to be a certain way. If one looks at it from a gender neutral perspective than it can be said that acting it out is much more healthy rather than keeping it in and people regardless of sex, should act out in one way or another when angry. Not only will it help you get over the situation and move on but also because it is healthier.

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