There’s something on the inside of you that triggers anger and frustration. In our “Done With Anger”, Anger Management Class you get to discover exactly what is causing your anger. And believe me it’s not what you think.

Why do I say this you ask? Well, if you’re like most people you no doubt think of your anger and upset as caused by something outside of you. It’s natural for us as human beings when we experience anger to look outside of us for the source of the anger. But in the “Done With Anger”, Anger Management Class, you get to discover the real source of your anger at something, not outside of you, but something inside of you. This is incredible because it gives you the realization that you do have power and control over your anger.

So what is the source of this anger exactly? I’m so glad you asked. They are three things that are happening inside of you that cause you to be angry. But it doesn’t matter who you are, what’s your ethnic city is, where you come from, or what language you speak. Your anger is always caused by one or more of these three things.

However most people relate to their anger in a way that suggests something outside of them has the power to make them angry. This is not the truth. Nothing outside you can make you angry. You choose to be angry because of something taking place on the inside of you.

So, in the done with anger, anger management class, you get to explore this deeply. But for now, let me give you a brief overview of exactly how anger works at something triggered from inside of you.

This is important because unless you begin to recognize the source of your anger at something on the inside, you never have power to live a life where you were done with anger as a dominating and controlling force in your life. Remember anger get you what you ask for, but it never gets you what you really want. And, what is it that you really want? Do you want happiness, joy, love, peace, and fun in your life? Do you want all those things that make life satisfied and worth living? If more people understood what I’m about to share with you concerning the real source of their anger I’m confident we will have a world at peace.

However, most people just go on living as if their anger is triggered by something or somebody on the outside. They are totally blind to the truth that nothing outside of them can make them angry. Therefore, they relate to their anger in a powerless and weak way. And, they have absolutely no control over their anger because they think of it as triggered by something outside of them. Instinctively they know they only have control over what’s happening inside of them. However, they don’t see their anger that way. But, just by applying what I’m about to share with you right now, you can begin experiencing joy, fun and laughter the way you really deserve it.

So? What are these three things going on inside of you that always trigger and cause this anger? And, how do you deal with these internal triggers? You certainly won’t want them to continue dominating and controlling your life and your relationships forever. So, you must find a way to deal with them effectively.

First there is an undelivered communication.

There’s something you wanted to say but didn’t get to say. That becomes the initial trigger point for your anger. If you were to look really deep down on the inside you will see with your anger is really a form of you withholding what you wanted to say.

So what do you do if your anger is triggered by an undelivered communication? Well by simply acknowledging that and recognizing that it’s not something or somebody outside of you but, something inside you like an  “undelivered communication” causing you anger, you can experience breakthrough.

Second, there are “unfulfilled expectations.”

When you expect something to happen and it didn’t happen when and how you expected that may become a trigger point for anger. But once again that “unfulfilled expectation” lives on the inside of you. It doesn’t live on the outside of you. Just think about it. Every human being came to the planet without bringing anything with them. We were all born naked and with nothing. However, as we grow, and as time progresses we develop expectations. Now, the answer is not to give up all expectations and then stay angry. If you have given up your expectation of something, which is really what you must do if you have an “unfulfilled expectation” that it slipped into the past and can longer happen, you must then give up the anger associated with it. Many people wrongly assume “I’ve given up my expectation” but then they go on being angry. In the “Done With Anger”, Anger Management Class you will discover how that is so not the truth.

If you give up an expectation for something to happen that didn’t happen you could no longer be angry. It is only when you are attached to some view of the way it should be, the way somebody else outside of you should behave, the way some situation or circumstance should have occurred, that your anger is triggered. So, if there’s any anger at all caused by an “unfulfilled expectation” the only solution is to give up that expectation. If you are truly giving up the expectation, the only way for you to know that, is if you were no longer angry withdrawn or aggressive.

The third and final internal trigger that causes anger and upset is a “thwarted intention.”

Whenever you experience something you intended to do, hoped to do, planned to do, or desired to do, but didn’t get to do, it’s only natural to feel angry. But once again this anger does not originate from outside of you. Instead, it originates from inside of you. In the Done with anger, anger management class we explore with you exactly how this works. Imagine you’re living a life mad at yourself for not accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish, but you take it out on those around you.

This anger trigger reveals clearly how you can solve all anger problems by truly being responsible for your own life. If you wanted to do something, but didn’t get to do, why not go do it? The irony is human beings don’t throw themselves into doing what they want to do and solving their anger issues by doing that. Instead, we naturally choose to take no responsibility for our anger when or it’s internal cause. We choose not to accomplish what we really want to do. Thus the resulting anger and tension has the capacity to not just destroy you, but destroy your relationships with those around you simply because you have not taken responsibility

In this anger management class you get to see that something amazing happens the moment you take responsibility. By recognizing that nobody and nothing outside of you can make you angry, you get your power back. By realizing how you have been using your anger to either lash out at people, or clam up and shut people out, you begin to discover how what you’re doing, and the way you are living is destroying your joy and peace of mind.

The only pathway out of anger is to begin taking full responsibility for your life. You must begin to see what you are doing to you and how you’re relating to yourself poorly and then blaming others for your lack of fulfilment and joy in life. This is only a start in recognizing that anger is triggered by something happening inside of you. It is simply not possible for anything outside of you to make you angry. You choose anger instead of joy and peace because you want to be right, you want to look good, and you want to win. You really want to punish somebody for your situation. But that behavior simply does not work to give you the joy, happiness and peace of mind you want. Instead, it wears you out, destroys your internal organs, ruins your peace of mind, and ages you.

I invite you to sign up for the “Done With Anger”, Anger Management Class and begin exploring deeper ways in which your anger, chosen by you, is destroying you and wrecking your life. To find out more simply click here: https://a1counselling.com/classes/one-day-intensive-anger-management-class/ I promise you this class will give you so much value for yourself and your life that you will see yourself brand new. You would finally have the tools to redesign your life so that you are in the driving seat. You would operate as one who has 100% responsibility and authority for your life.

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