Anger Management

Anger Management in which a therapist will help you to acknowledge and understand your anger, its underlying causes and triggers. Anger Management does not try to keep you from feeling anger or encourage you to keep it in, but rather provides you with skills to help you express it appropriately.

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In counselling to help treat anxiety we help individuals explore and gain an understanding of how automatic thoughts, unconscious rules or beliefs and thinking styles contribute to their anxiety. We provide effective coping strategies and self management techniques, including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness.

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Everybody feels depressed from time to time, but when it becomes severe or prolonged it can greatly interfere with our daily routine, relationships, and overall sense of well-being. In counselling, we use proven effective methods including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), to help identify the distorted or irrational thinking patterns that are causing the depression, then questioning their accuracy and truth, and then we help you develop more balanced, rational replacement thoughts. With practice, we can show you how to better manage your depression related thoughts moods and behaviours.

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In counselling for parenting we teach parents how to positively reinforce their children instead teaching only through punishment. We provide parents with the necessary tools to effectively manage conflict by setting clear and consistent limits which will help to reduce family turmoil.

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Blended Family

There are many numerous challenges in blending families. Included, are step-parenting, disciplining children, differing styles of parenting and expectations, and dealing with the ex-spouse. Despite these challenges, a blended family CAN be a happy home!

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Grief and Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the healing process. Grief and Loss counselling helps individuals, couples and families work through the intense emotions they are feeling and overcome obstacles to their grieving.

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Stress Management

In stress management we can help you by assessing and changing how you think about stressful situations. We will identify your sources of stress and assist in developing new, effective coping skills and strategies to better manage the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you experience in reaction to stressful situations.

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