Mandatory By Court Order

The typical Anger Management classes are usually ordered by the courts, often for a variety of reasons and are of course mandatory, as a refusal amounts to contempt of the court. However, classes can also be taken for reasons outside mandatory court orders or requirements such as for personal improvement, at the bequest of friends, family or employers. Anger Management classes may also be ordered by the probation department, or as an element of a plea bargain or sometimes for minor law infringements.

Classes may be required for a number of reasons, such as learning how to handle anger, how to manage the feelings of anger, and how to channel emotions of anger when they arise. Classes teach strategies on how to avoid violent and volatile tendencies as well as a sense of being aware of yourself in stressful situations, how to communicate effectively, and using stress control to prevent the rise of anger.

How Many Classes Do You Need?

The number of classes required is usually determined by the courts or by probation officers. Often the number of classes, are not specified, but usually the management course consists of a one day anger class session. The classes are taught by professionals who are skilled or qualified to work in the fields of psychology or social studies. The most widely used model in these classes is the Century Anger Management model, and it is accepted by the courts. It is also recommended by authorities, offices and agencies that include prisons, colleges and bodies that make up law enforcement.

Get It Done – You’ll Be Glad You Did

Anger management classes are also very effective in corporate settings. Owing to the increased amount of stress from work pressures it appears that attendance in anger management classes has been on the rise. In a bid to curtail violence and aggression, law enforcement, the judicial system and anger management professionals are working more closely together. Anger management can also be a form of therapy for persons involved in cases such as divorce or child custody. Court ordered anger management classes are also useful in potentially harmful situations and can diffuse arguments and rising tempers. It is an interesting school of thought that anger management classes be ordered for terrorists and school and public place shooters before seeds of anger begin to germinate. This can prevent the wanton destruction that comes with their actions.

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