Issues on Anxiety

Feeling anxious is an experience that is common to each and every one of us. However, there are times when anxiety becomes very challenging in our daily lives. These feelings can keep you from participating in meaningful relationships and activities. Certain therapeutic approaches when used properly can be of great assistance to those experiencing anxiety. Many individuals facing this challenge are not aware that help is available, and suffer in isolation. Our caring, experienced team of therapists can work with you to explore and gain an understanding of how automatic thoughts, unconscious rules or beliefs contribute to your anxiety. We can help you develop new ways to respond by providing you effective strategies and self-management techniques, including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness.

A1 Counselling Centre’s team of psychotherapists do not make any formal diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, as that can only be done by a psychiatrist. Also, we do not prescribe any medication for coping with anxiety. Medication must be prescribed by a general practitioner (doctor) or a psychiatrist. As psychotherapists, we respect your choice to use or not use medication and we are happy to work collaboratively with your family physician or psychiatrist in this regard.

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