Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the grieving process. However, if that sense of loss remains on-going for a substantial period of time (longer than a few months) and becomes so unbearable that it affects the individual’s life to the extent of social withdrawal, lack of sleep, significant weight loss/gain, minimal social grooming or just an overall lack of self-care, then it is time to seek out professional help.

Talking about our losses can be difficult and often very painful, but it is far more beneficial than repressing or avoiding our feelings. In grief and loss therapy, we help individuals, couples and families work through the intense emotions they are feeling. A therapist can help give meaning to the loss over time and ensure that unhealthy coping mechanisms are avoided.

If you have experienced a loss, the psychotherapists at A1 Counselling Centre will work with you to help navigate through the grief process in a healthy way and overcome the challenges that may leave you emotionally stuck. Call or send us a message today to arrange a prompt appointment. We are here to listen…We are here to help!

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