Are you under stress? That’s really a silly question, isn’t it? We’re all under stress, which is why coping with stress is so important in our daily lives. One of the ways to deal with stress, that is stress management, is to use positive thinking. No, we’re not talking about Pollyanna attitudes here, we’re talking about learning how to change our thinking when we run into the inevitable bumps in the road of life.

Changing Our Negative Outlook on Life

If you’re normally a negative person, it’s very easy to decide positive thinking is all a bunch of hogwash. But studies have shown that being negative and pessimistic can affect your health — in negative ways. The good news is you can change your thinking habits and become more positive.

There are good reasons for keeping positive thoughts. These include increasing your lifespan, fending off the common cold, less chance of falling into depression, lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, among other things. So if you would like to try to improve your health, try positive thinking.

How Positive Thinking Works

If you are a negative thinker, chances are you might be thinking this is stupid — which is exactly what we’re talking about. A positive thinker would think along the lines of “maybe I should try this and see if it works.” It doesn’t mean that you need to ignore negative things — in fact, if you have something negative happen, by staying positive, you might be able to find a way to approach whatever bad is happening in a more positive way.

Self Talk

You know that internal dialogue you hear in your head? Often, if you’re negative, you’ll hear unspoken thoughts that are pessimistic. Some of those thoughts may be logical and rational, but if you’re constantly inundated negative thoughts, chances are you’re not being honest with yourself and telling yourself things due to misconceptions.

When dealing with something difficult, it’s important to stay positive and look for solutions instead of thinking negatively about something. Instead of being negative about something that has happened, ask yourself how to fix it or look at ways you can prevent it in the future. If your thoughts are negative, try to turn them around to something more positive. It may take a while to learn to think in a positive way, but once you do your outlook will be a lot happier and you will be a lot healthier.

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