Have you ever heard someone say that the best way to deal with anger is by walking away? We are here to tell you why that doesn’t always work. In fact, it can often be just as bad as having an unhealthy anger outburst.

While walking away from an anger episode may prevent you from doing something in the heat of the moment, it leaves the episode open and unresolved. Instead of addressing the issue and resolving whatever conflict lead to the anger, you end up with all of these unfinished episodes which could have negative internal results.

The long term effects of unresolved anger can lead to an implosion rather than an explosion. That means that you may not see the harmful effects of unresolved anger at first, but after a while, you may begin to feel the pressure or tension that builds up inside of you as a result of walking away time and time again.

Our clients often explain their anger as something they suppress over and over again until one day they just snap. Does this sound like you? Do you try to hold it all in for as long as you can, and then eventually the smallest thing just sets you off? If this is the case for you, we can help. We want to help.

Being able to express your anger and address the conflict or the reason for your anger is key to preventing both explosions and implosions. An explosion is one way to deal with anger, and it is often the most destructive way in the moment. It tends to play out in ways such as yelling, throwing things, hitting something or someone, etc. An implosion is another way to deal with anger, and this can lead to physiological issues such as a heart attack, a stroke, even an aneurism. Also, when considering the psychological effects of unresolved anger, one could be faced with stress, anxiety, or depression, and this could even lead to suicide.

Anger expression is so important for your relationships, your personal well-being, and really every encounter you have in life. By not dealing with anger and just walking away from conflict, you set yourself up for disaster later on. Your trouble may not come right away, but after too much unresolved anger, your life will begin to see and feel the effects of unresolved anger.

At A1 Counselling, we teach our clients how to use healthy anger expression which leads to neither explosion nor implosion. The goal with anger is to understand why it is there, and then to resolve whatever conflict has led to your emotional response or anger. Let us help you learn new techniques so that you can live free from unresolved anger in your life, your relationships, and your work. We seek to help our clients live a better life by providing them with the tools to addressing anger at the start of the problem, and we would like to do that for you also.

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